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5 New Trends for Smart Mattresses

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Smart devices have become a part of many people’s daily lives, and recently that has come to include smart mattresses too. Smart mattresses can be the whole mattress or just a mattress topper. In some cases, the whole bed could be considered a smart device. 

What defines smart mattresses are the innovative features that can help to improve sleep. Similar to smart watches that can track people’s heart rate and step count, smart mattresses also come with a number of appealing features, such as the ability to track sleeping patterns and adjust temperature to improve the quality of sleep. Given these developments, this guide will highlight the exciting trends for smart mattresses in 2022.

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The rise of the smart mattress industry
The latest trends in smart mattresses
The future of smart mattresses

The rise of the smart mattress

Over the past decade, there’s been a sharp increase in the amount of smart devices and products hitting the stores, with consumers looking to track their daily routines and live more efficiently. This trend has also reached the mattress industry, with the emergence of new kinds of smart mattresses that integrate a variety of unique functions.

In 2018, the smart mattress industry was valued at approximately USD 1 billion. Grand View Research is projecting that number will reach USD 2.09 billion by 2025 – more than double the current market value. With the ability to track how much REM a person has had, as well as to give massages and to adapt to an individual’s body temperature, it’s no surprise that demand for smart mattresses is on the rise. 

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The latest trends in smart mattresses

When it comes to smart mattresses, consumers’ needs are strongly shaping the industry. The demand for mattresses that have different support levels and adjustable firmness, as well as for mattresses that have built-in massage functions, is growing steadily. On top of this, tech-savvy consumers may enjoy the sensory trackers and temperature regulators that are transforming the mattress industry and promoting better sleep and healthier lifestyles. With this in mind, here’s a look at the top trends in smart mattresses. 

Adjustable support levels

With traditional mattresses, what you see is what you get. But not everyone has the same requirements for a comfortable night’s sleep, which is where smart mattresses come in. Some smart mattresses are designed with the ability to change the height of the mattress as well as the shape, to better support the spine. These types of mattresses don’t just aid sleep, but the adjustable settings are also convenient for relaxing, watching movies, or doing exercise such as yoga. 

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Sensory tracking for better sleep

For many people, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by, but with a sensory tracker built into the mattress people are easily able to identify their sleeping patterns. Keeping track of sleeping patterns allows people to understand their sleep routines in a way that they wouldn’t have been able to before, and this allows them to optimize the way they sleep. 

The built-in sensory tracker in a smart mattress does away with complicated external or wearable devices (which aren’t ideal for the older generation) and allows people to monitor their sleep in an unobtrusive and comfortable way. Modern consumers understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and how these functions can help them to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. 

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Temperature regulators to improve sleep

For many people, regulating body temperature can have a strong impact on the quality of their sleep, especially if they suffer from an illness or are on medication. Many smart mattresses are either built using materials that help to regulate body temperature, or have a temperature monitor within the mattress itself. The AI sensory tracking system can also help to regulate a person’s body temperature while they sleep. It’s well known that people fall asleep more easily when they have a lower body temperature, which is why many people are turning to smart mattresses that can automatically cool the body down. 

Smartphone with bedroom temperature option in front of a bed

Massage before sleep

People who suffer from back pain, have problems relaxing in bed, or who would just like to have a massage before sleeping will love this feature of smart mattress. There are a variety of different components to these smart mattresses, including algorithm support, AI judgment of body zones, and infrared heating to help soothe muscles. Many of these mattresses are also voice controlled so they’re easy to use for people of all ages. The massage feature is instant. It can even recognize which part of the body needs massaging the moment a person lies down. In-home massage devices have been popular for years, but none are quite as convenient as a smart mattress.

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Adjustable firmness

When people buy a mattress, one of the first things they do is check its firmness. But once it has been bought, that level of firmness can’t change, regardless of whether one’s needs or preferences do. With smart mattresses, people can easily adjust the firmness of the bed to suit their needs. The use of AI also enables the mattress to determine what type of firmness is needed based on things like height, body weight, and the body’s pressure zones. With these features, mattresses are no longer static – instead, they can be adjusted conveniently. This is one of the biggest selling points for people looking to invest in a bed that can last for an extended period of time, while continuing to provide the highest level of comfort.

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The future of smart mattresses 

Smart devices are becoming increasingly present in many people’s lives, and this now includes mattresses too. Smart mattresses have the ability to regulate body temperature, monitor sleeping patterns, and offer adjustable levels of firmness and support. All of this  provides consumers with a better night’s sleep, which is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. To learn more about smart mattresses and what’s on offer, check out what’s available on Alibaba.com  

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