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Professional sourcing guides, the latest trends, and success stories in the packaging & printing industry.

4 Trendy Packaging Ideas for Women’s Clothing

Packaging is an important part of women’s clothing and the overall buying experience. Here are the current packaging trends to look out for.

Cardboard packaging box with white and black tissue paper

Handbag Packaging Trends To Boost Your Brand

The right packaging can make any handbag feel like a deluxe experience. Here are trends that take packaging for handbags to the next level.

Packaging Trends for Skin Care Products

Packaging Trends for Skin Care Products

Check out packaging trends and ideas for different skin care products. These packaging tips will protect all the essential oils and creams.

gift packaging

10 Viable Ideas for Crafty Gift Packaging

Thoughtfully packed gifts are important in relationship building. Get to know the crafty types of gift packaging that help leverage business.

5 Apparel Packaging Trends To Capitalize on in 2022

Clothing is how we brand ourselves, but packaging and labels are how you dress up your Apparel products. Make them look their best with our tips for 2022.

5 Trends in Labels That Help the Planet and Sales

Labels are usually the first impression consumers have with your products. Make a lasting and meaningful impression with these labeling tips and trends.

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