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Sourcing insights and market trends for the vehicle parts and accessories industry.
Dashcam for safe driving

Dashcam Sourcing Guide for 2022

Explore the top affordable dashcams in 2022 and learn about the key features that will drive dashcam sales this year.

A wheel with all black finishes

5 Top Car Wheel Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Exterior modifications are a sure way to add a touch of personal taste and preference. Is there a better way than playing around with wheels and tires?

car Multimedia Screen Being

4 New Trends of Car DVD Players

Drives can be long without entertainment, so consumers expect the best from multimedia systems. Here are the top car DVD player trends.

Charging an electric car

EV Charging Stations: A Buyers Guide for 2022

Electric vehicles gaining popularity which means greater demand for charging stations. Explore the best-selling EV charging stations.

Mechanic checking car diagnosis results with an OBD2 scanner

OBD2 Scanner: 5 Outstanding Trends in 2022

OBD2 scanners are in high demand as consumers don’t rely on professionals to diagnose cars. Discover the profitability of this trend in 2022.

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