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Sourcing insights and market trends for the home improvement industry.
LED integrated 3-blade ceiling fans for dining area

Popular LED Ceiling Fans: A Quick Guide in 2022

Check out the most popular LED ceiling fans in 2022 to uncover their hidden potential and explore the business opportunities beneath!


Different Mattress Types Explained

Read about the different types of mattresses to find out which one is best for you when there are so many to choose from.

Close-up of a solar garden light

Popular Solar Garden Lights Customers Will Love

Solar-powered garden lights are trending today. Read this article to learn how these lights work and give customers a green option!

Memory Foam

Innerspring vs. Memory Foam: Pros and Cons

Innerspring mattresses have a familiar design, while memory foam mattresses provide unique sleeping experiences. Read to know more.

White toilet with seat up against purple and blue backdrop

5 Unique Toilets Trending Right Now

Toilets are becoming more modern by the day, and consumers are on the lookout for the most unique toilets for their bathroom.

Outdoor deck space near forest

10 New Decking Ideas for 2022

Decking has become popular in 2022, read to find out why and which top decking idea to offer for customers.

Wooden platform bed with built-in nightstand

6 New Designer Bed Trends To Impress

Bed designs are constantly changing based on the latest styles and features. Learn how to attract customers with these trendy new design beds.

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