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PV Installations Dropped Below GW Level for 1st Time in 6 Months, but Over 10 GW Added in 9M/2023

Germany s solar PV installations in September 2023 slightly decreased by over 21 to 919 MW, while the cumulative installations for the initial nine months exceeded 10 GW, surpassing the annual target of 9 GW The adjusted August installations rose to 1 17 GW Although September additions fell below 1 GW, the country s total installed solar PV capacity reached over 77 67 GW Rooftop solar systems supported under the EEG decreased to 666 MW, and large scale solar capacity stood at 113 5 MW Despite being below the monthly target, continued installations could see Germany ending 2023 with over 13 GW annual installed capacity, an 80 growth from 2022 s 7 2 GW

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