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General Rate Increase

A general rate increase (GRI) is a market rate increase that carriers may adopt over a specific timeframe for all or certain ocean routes.

Emergency Bunker Surcharge

Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS) is introduced by ocean carriers to deal with energy price hikes that are beyond expectation.


Wharfage is the cost incurred when using a wharf at a port terminal to unload freight cargo.

Harbor Maintenance Fee

The Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) is a fee imposed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on freight shipments imported through U.S. ocean ports.

Customs Disbursement Service Fee

Customs disbursement service fees are charged by freight forwarders and customs brokers to freight customers who do not make duty payments directly to the customs authorities.

Cargo Ready Date

A cargo ready date (CRD) is the date when a shipment is expected to be ready for pick up at a specified location.

Single Customs Bond

A single customs bond is a type of one-off entry custom bond that acts as a legal contract to guarantee all import duties, taxes, and fees are paid.

Container Yard Cut-Off Date

A container yard (CY) cut-off date is the last day that the shippers must gate-in their loaded containers before any scheduled departure.

Continuous Customs Bond

The continuous customs bond is similar to a single customs bond but is renewable, and covers multiple entries within one year at different costs.

Pallet Dimensions

Pallet dimensions refers to the measurement of a pallet that is used to stack cartons and facilitate easier loading and unloading.

Unit Loading Device

A unit loading device (ULD) is a device equipped with restraining and loading mechanisms that is used to load goods aboard an aircraft.

Cubic Meters

Cubic meters (cbm) is a volumetric unit used to determine the chargeable weight for shipments.


Transloading is a cargo transfer process between various modes of transportation as it proceeds to a final destination.


Deconsolidation is the separation of originally consolidated freight such as in the case of LCL shipments that need to be separated before final delivery.

Drop and Hook

Drop and Hook is a trucking delivery method where a loaded container is dropped off and the trucker picks up a different empty container for return back to the port.