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Freight Market Update: August 15, 2022

Catch the latest delivery routes and options, price changes, and other essential insights for the global air and ocean freight market.

Rolled Cargo

Rolled cargo describes shipments that were not loaded onto a vessel or cargo plane because of a variety of issues such as overbooking, lack of capacity or late customs clearance.

Preferential Trade Agreement

Preferential trade agreements (PTAs) are agreements made to set rules to facilitate commerce between select governments and eliminate trade barriers.

Partner Government Agency

A Partner Government Agency (PGA) is a U.S. government agency that works with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to regulate commodities imports.


Chassis is a piece of trucking equipment used to truck FCL shipments.

Chassis Pool

A chassis pool is a location such as a port or rail terminal where chassis are stored and made available for rental.

Anti-dumping Duties

Anti-dumping duties are established to protect local industry from foreign manufacturers of goods in certain categories.

Customs Tariffs

A customs tariff is a tax levied on imports and is typically imposed by the government of the importing country.

Customs Entry

A customs entry is a declaration made to a local customs authority by a licensed customs broker for the customs clearance of imports and exports.

De Minimis Fee

De minimis fee is the price threshold below which shipments are subject to either reduced or no taxes.

Preferential Duties

A preferential duty is a duty with a lower than normal tariff rate levied on imports originating from countries within a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) treaty network.

Per Diem Fee

A per diem fee is charged by the carrier for each additional day that a container remains away from port beyond the allowed “free” days.

Airline Storage Fee

The airline storage fee is incurred when an air freight shipment is not picked up within the allowed free time period.

Pallet-exchange Fee

A pallet exchange fee is imposed in the case where a trucker does not bring pallets for exchange when picking up palletized freight.

Airline Terminal Fee

Airline Terminal Fee (ATF) is a cargo handling fee for air cargo processing at the airline terminal bonded warehouse.

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