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Women’s Print & Graphic Style Ideas for Pre-fall 2022

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Pre-fall is considered one of the top shopping seasons because it is the longest-running season that is open to buyers, running from November to January. Because its merchandise hits the stores in early summer, it tends to have a collection of breezy clothing and outerwear. Among the fun styles that are popular during this season are women’s prints and graphics. 

In this article, we will look at what is behind the growing prints and graphics trend in women’s fashion. We will analyze the global decorated apparel market, looking at market size, key drivers, and prospects for future market growth. Finally, the article will explore some top women’s print and graphic looks that will be popular pre-fall 2022, offering retailers ideas for new merchandise.

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Why prints and graphics are having a moment right now
Popular women’s print and graphic looks for pre-fall 2022
Bold and beautiful

Why prints and graphics are having a moment right now 

Prints and graphics have been brought back from the women’s fashion archives, and have become trendy again in 2022. 

One of the main factors that explain why they are having a moment again now is the nostalgia factor. Prints and graphics are a fashion flashback from the 90s, meaning that to millennial adults who grew up in the 90s, this type of fashion brings back a lot of memories.

Another factor that explains the popularity of prints and graphics is that they are a bold fashion statement and let the personality or philosophy of the wearers shine through. People can showcase powerful messages and spread awareness, something that the younger generations are keen to do as seen through the social and political protests and movements of recent years.

One of the key consequences of lockdown life is that many consumers altered their fashion preferences for athleisure or clothing that prioritizes comfort. Because looks with prints and graphics tend to be either free, simple, or breezy, they have grown in popularity as they enable wearers to pull off looks that can be considered “comfort chic.”

Popular women’s print and graphic looks for pre-fall 2022

Solid graffiti

Masked woman in colorful all-over print shirt

Nothing says bold like graffiti. That is why all-over graphic graffiti is one of the popular looks of the season. The look takes inspiration from the colorful world of graffiti to render graphics that are bold and vibrant.

Popular designs within this trend include graphic flowers, contrasted solid colors, spray paint effects, graffiti scrawls and letters, paint drips, and bold graphics. These can be seen on T-shirts, blouses, and various outerwear.

Playful plaid

Masked woman in colorful all-over print shirt

Plaid or tartan has been a fashion staple for a long time. It is making a comeback in the form of colorful patterns as plaid designs come in a range of colors. Checkered clothing is also one of the top trends in American women’s clothing, as explored in this article.

The resurgence of punk and preppy trends has driven up the popularity of plaid looks. People are pairing bold plaid with slogan tees or going for plaid skater skirts with lace blouses to pull off the vintage look. Unconventional mixed patchwork patterns in unexpected colors are also part of this trend.

Flattering florals

Woman lying down in floral dress”

Floral prints are oldies but goldies, and there are good reasons for this—they are highly flattering and offer the perfect designs for the breezy looks customary of pre-fall fashion.

Floral designs liven up wardrobes as they can come in vibrant hues that pop on decorated skirts, blouses, and dresses. There are also some great designs for unique suits decorated in bright exotic flowers, as well as floral prints on pastel shades for dresses and shorts.

Graphic tees

Graphic tee with manga graphics

As part of the growing fashion movement of opting for comfortability over fashionability, graphic T-shirts have grown in popularity as both a casual and semi-formal clothing option.

This trend includes designs with bold graphics in the form of trendy logos, sayings, slogans or character motifs, and vintage-inspired visuals. From funny tees with jokes to pop-culture references with memes, people are wearing graphic tees as a way of making fun and bold statements.

Paisley prints and graphics

Woman wearing loose paisley-print kimono

Riding the nostalgia, women’s fashion is bringing back paisley prints because of the chic and classic designs that the print offers, from sundresses to scarves. The paisley aesthetic comes in varying graphics, from teardrops and jewels to coquettish flowers and psychedelic patterns. 

On the other, more casual end of the spectrum, this look is also considered the bandana print. The look also gives a cool Bohemian touch in the form of bandanas and headwraps, kaftan dresses, maxi dresses, retro-looking trousers, and classic popovers.

Retro graphics

Colorful T-shirt with retro superhero-themed graphics

Drawing from nostalgia again, retro or vintage graphics are back in fashion, taking inspiration from visuals from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. These include visuals with bright colors, LSD-inspired psychedelic patterns, and fluid patterns.

These vintage-inspired graphics can be rendered on T-shirts or outerwear that have splashes of color or on the earth tones of the 50s and 60s. The clothing can feature graphics with pop art, optical or kaleidoscopic patterns, music band iconography, and freeform typography.

Sassy sweatshirts

Woman wearing a statement sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are in, thanks to the growing popularity of athleisure and comfortable, homebody fashion. Gone are the days when people wore boring single-color sweatshirts, donned simply for their utilitarian function of offering warmth.

The use of fashion as a way of making statements or showcasing personality is inspiring fun, cool, and sassy sweatshirt designs like statement sweatshirts with funny text, graphic-print hoodies with classic logos or fruity pastel designs, and animal-print sweatshirts that are full of flair.

Baroque prints

Woman wearing elegant baroque-print headscarf

Baroque is experiencing a renaissance in fashion. Top brands like Versace have chosen to go with baroque prints for their 2022 pre-fall collections. These vibrant scarf-inspired designs give off the feel of wealth and extravagance so it is no wonder they tend to be rendered on luxury materials or as luxury clothing items. 

Examples of this are silk or satin baroque print dresses, luxury baroque print shirts, classic all-over baroque print blouses and bathrobes, and scarves with baroque motifs. These lavish and opulent-looking designs are popularly colored in blacks, golds, and purples to bring out the regal and indulgent aesthetics.

Bold and beautiful

Consumers are making bold statements with their fashion this season. Nostalgia is high, and so a lot of buyers are looking for styles and patterns that are reminiscent of previous eras. Prints and graphics are seeing a resurgence as they are offering women a way to bring out their personalities, showcase powerful messages, and look good while they are at it. 

Retailers can stay ahead of the trend by stocking popular items from the USD 23 million-plus global decorated apparel market that is projected to see significant growth over the next few years.

In summary, some great style ideas that fashion retailers and wholesalers can add to their merchandise include:

  1. Solid graffiti
  2. Playful plaid 
  3. Flattering florals 
  4. Graphic tees 
  5. Paisley prints and graphics 
  6. Retro graphics 
  7. Sassy sweatshirts 
  8. Baroque prints

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