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4 Trendy Packaging Ideas for Women’s Clothing

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s increasingly being used for individual pieces of clothing to catch people’s attention while shopping and to give the article of clothing a more appealing and luxurious look. Packaging helps to improve how a brand or item is perceived and makes clothing more accessible to consumers. From gift boxes to drawstring bags, there’s packaging available to suit all types of women’s clothing.

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The importance of good packaging
Top packaging trends for women’s clothing
The future of clothing packaging

The importance of good packaging

Packaging has been an important part of products on the market for decades. Whether it be an article of clothing on the shop floor or an item being shipped directly to the customer, it’s people’s first point of contact. According to Smithers, technical and business evolution is beginning to be the driving force behind the global expansion of the packaging industry. The market value of the global packaging industry was USD 917 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise by 2024 to USD 1.05 trillion. Product packaging for women’s clothing is expected to increase in importance for buyers, accounting for over USD 250 billion of the USD 1.05 trillion. 

Top packaging trends for women’s clothing

Packaging continues to evolve as consumer demand and opinions change. There is now a mixture of traditional packaging and more sustainable packaging being used in the clothing industry, as well as packaging that appears more luxurious. Gift boxes, nylon drawstring bags, and plastic bags are some of the top packaging types currently in use. Packaging is important for physical shops as well as online retailers, as it’s the first impression a buyer gets of the clothing.

The upgraded gift box

Cardboard boxes have evolved over the years, and many businesses are now using gift boxes as a way to not only market themselves but also to make an impression on the buyer. Gift boxes with magnetic flaps are the perfect upgrade to a regular box, as they give a more luxurious feel to the product and can easily be reused by the buyer. They work well with any type of apparel, from women’s lingerie to athletic wear. This type of gift box immediately appeals to buyers as it takes on a more unique form than cardboard boxes or regular shoe boxes, and it makes the consumer want to know what’s inside. 

These gift boxes are sturdy and help to protect the product in a way that plastic bags can’t. The option to personalize this type of packaging for women’s clothing also helps to attract buyers by adding a personal touch to the shopping experience. And the fact that they can be folded to save space and cost is another plus of these upgraded gift boxes. They’re the perfect way to be remembered and will have people coming back time and time again because the brand will be instantly recognizable thanks to its packaging. 

Multi-colored cardboard boxes with magnetic flap closure

Nylon drawstring bags 

Nylon bags are increasingly being used as packaging for women’s clothing, as their look and feel can be more appealing than that of regular plastic bags or boxes. Everything from swimwear to women’s leggings is being packaged in nylon drawstring bags. For many consumers in today’s world, first impressions start right when they open their package, and seeing this type of luxury bag first and foremost is certainly memorable. The drawstring not only looks good but means that the bag can be reused for other purposes. This type of packaging is appealing to consumers who are living a more sustainable lifestyle and reuse items where possible.

Small white drawstring bag inside a gift box

Ziplock plastic bags 

Plastic is one of the leading types of packaging material globally. It’s cost-effective, protects the product from dirt and water damage, and is flexible enough to be used for all types of clothing. Sometimes, the amount of air left within the plastic packaging can be a problem though. This ziplock plastic packaging ensures that the product is kept in an air-tight space and is presented more appealingly than it would have been in a regular plastic bag. It’s the perfect way to ensure that the clothing inside won’t come to any harm during transportation. This style of ziplock bag also allows the buyer to see a preview of what’s inside before opening it, something that many types of packaging don’t offer.

Large plastic ziplock bag being held with a scarf inside

Frosted PVC bags

Frosted PVC bags are the perfect way to showcase an item of clothing in a unique way. They’re often used for cosmetics but are starting to be used more often for items of women’s clothing too. The air-tight zipper at the top and the option to customize the bag are the two main reasons why people are drawn to this type of packaging while buying clothing. This isn’t a regular plastic bag, it’s an upgrade that catches people’s attention and has them remembering the brand they’ve bought from. 

Selection of frosted PVC bags in different sizes

The future of clothing packaging

Packaging is everywhere. From food to electronics to clothing. When it comes to women’s clothing, new trends have found that packaging such as gift boxes with magnetic flaps, frosted PVC bags, ziplock bags, and nylon drawstring bags are proving to be very popular with consumers. There’s expected to be a continued focus on packaging that attracts the attention of the buyer, as it’s more memorable and entices people to return. Packaging for clothing now works as a key selling point and adds to the consumer’s buying experience, which is why packaging that presents a “wow factor” has buyers coming back for more.

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