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5 Top Trending Crochet Styles Consumers Love in 2022

Cute lady wearing white crochet off-shoulder top

Crotchet styles came back in vogue last summer when a few celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid were spotted wearing trendy ones.

Today, more women are rocking this fashion staple and stocking their wardrobes with varieties from bodycon, Bohemian dresses, tops, to pants.

The best part is this fashion style isn’t only for summer. Consumers can also find a couple of crochet wears like cardigans, sweaters, etc., suitable for the autumn and winter seasons.

This article will present five highly profitable crochet style trends for 2022. Plus, sellers will see an overview of the crochet wear market. So keep reading to find out about them.

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Women’s crotchet clothing market: The trend is skyrocketing
Five female crotchet trends making waves in the market
Crotchet it up

Women’s crotchet clothing market: the trend is skyrocketing

The revenue of the US crochet clothing market is projected to reach $1.2 billion in 2024 from $500 million in 2012, registering a CAGR of 7.5 percent in 12 years.

The above report shows that many female consumers love the crotchet trend, especially in the US. 

Comfort and aesthetics are two key features attracting most consumers to crochet trends. Also, the crochet fabric is pretty suitable for the summertime, and consumers can pair it with almost anything.

Hence, it’s wise for sellers to stock up on one of the trends listed in this article to make sales and boost their profit.

Five female crotchet trends making waves in the market

Crochet bodycon

The crochet bodycon is an interesting style that features ribbed cotton and crochet. Also, it usually has a stunning neckline with a design on the hem. The detailing on the crochet bodycon makes it ideal for creating a neat and more structured look. 

Cute lady in blue crochet bodycon dress

The solid color crochet bodycon is for females who want to stand out at cocktails or dates with the girls. A work-appropriate look involves pairing a sleeveless crochet bodycon dress with fitted blazers. 

Consumers who want to make a fashion statement can go all out for the one-shoulder slit asymmetric crochet bodycon. It teams perfectly with a denim jacket for a more casual look. 

The sweetheart neckline halter crochet bodycon is another variant that works for informal occasions. Consumers who want a sexy silhouette and elongate their figure can go for the high-neck sleeveless crochet bodycon dress. They can rock this piece with a kimono or sleeveless coat on hot days.

Cute model rocking white neckline crochet bodycon dress

Vintage empire waist

This trend is an ideal style for consumers who want a high-waist appearance. The vintage empire waist has captivating qualities and elegant stitching that delivers a great deal of aesthetics, and the design fits every occasion. This style often features patterns and designs like diamonds, lace, beads, etc.

Young lady in teal blue crochet empire waist dress

The v-neck vintage empire waist comes in two types. The classy v-neck is for consumers who want a more modest option. The deep v-neck is ideal for consumers who want to steal the show. 

Interestingly, asymmetric vintage empire waist dresses are gaining much traction because they prove that showing off little is everything. They expose one shoulder of consumers to show elegance. 

Another stylish and smart option for women that isn’t too busty is the halter vintage empire dress. 

Consumers with bigger busts who want attention on their upper body should go for the most demanded neckline: strapless vintage empire. High-low dress styles are the perfect match for consumers who want to look naughty and spice up their outfits with fun.

Cocktail events are good times to show off beautiful legs for daring consumers, and the mini-empire dresses are up to the task. The midi empire waist is the perfect casual option for consumers who don’t want to look too dressy. 

Model rocking golden-colored short empire waist dress

Maxi empire dresses are also great for people who want to rock the typical length of the vintage empire waist.

Woman rocking cream-colored crochet empire waist dress

Bohemian crochet

The bohemian crochet is a typical hippie or gypsy outfit with a mix of vintage and retro elements. It features different print designs like ikat, floral, lattice, paisley, batik, and tie & dye. Bohemian crochet also comes in earthy colors like ochre, beige, dark green, red, white, orange, etc. 

Some staples that are quite common with the bohemian crochet are kimonos, maxi skirts, and maxi dresses. 

Lady rocking 2-piece Bohemian wear with a brown purse

This casual and appealing outfit usually has a loose fit that looks summer perfect. Some of the prominent trims and accessories associated with this piece include lucky charms shells, feathers, coins, fringe trims, tassels, pom-poms, appliques, etc. 

Cute lady rocking white Bohemian crochet top over denim shorts

The boho-chic style is a simple one that features loose silhouettes of pleasant blouses that look cool over distressed denim, little white dresses, or mini skirts. Bohemian crochet slouchy sundresses are also a summer favorite that is super stylish for women that love comfort.

Colorful stripes

Colorful crochet stripes are the life of casual spring flings, beach parties, and summer brunches. This trend cuts across different outfits from dresses, jackets, and two-piece playsuits to shorts. Consumers who want a dash of freshness can try a crochet suit with stripes of black and neutral tones. 

Woman in red and white stripe crochet dress

Stripe vests are cute staples that consumers can dress up or down with easily, depending on the occasion. Colorful stripe tanks work perfectly with high-waist denim. Also, they are quite breathable, which makes them a summer-perfect option. 

The colorful stripes crop crochet camisole is another fantastic alternative for consumers who prefer a city and everyday look. This piece is easily teamed with skirts, pants, and jeans. 

A great beach look isn’t complete without colorful striped bralettes with various patterns and designs. Consumers can pair them with a matching bikini, jeans, or linen pants. A solid color button-down shirt is another way to improve the overall look. Colorful striped skirts are another rare outfit that is simple, summer-friendly, and blends smoothly with a white shirt or basic tees.

A two-piece bikini and pants set is another simple way to make a bold fashion statement. Crochet dresses with colorful stripes are comfy and breezy outfits that work for all body types. Also, it’s a great option for consumers who want to make a trending style statement at informal events.

African American lady rocking colorful striped crochet 2-set piece

Crotchet off-shoulder

Lady in white off-shoulder crochet dress

Off-shoulder crochet dresses are all about glamour, elegance, slight reveal, and a slice of sexiness. It’s almost impossible to fail with the off-shoulder crochet bodycon. The midi or mini version will nail a great look for family events, garden parties, or weddings. 

A popular outfit that has the off-shoulder style is the ball gown. The crotchet ball gown is a traditional silhouette that fits around the torso and hugs the waist and bust. These gowns usually have off-shoulder designs with different sleeve lengths. 

Blouson dresses are also off-shoulder dresses that are worth mentioning. They usually fit loosely around the torso. Also, the lower part of the dress is loose-fitted. These short dress styles owe their sexy flair to the off-shoulder design. 

Consumers who are particular about comfort won’t hesitate to jump on the maxi dress style. 

This dress is a full length with a flowing skirt that consumers can style for a formal, casual, or semi-formal outing. The off-shoulder design of this crochet dress makes it stand out. 

The mermaid crochet dress is another silhouette that graces the red carpets and weddings. The mermaid dress has a way of hugging curves from the bust to the knees. One distinct feature of this dress is the dramatic finish at the lower part of the outfit. Most times, it’s common to find off-shoulder mermaid dresses with short, cap-style sleeves.

Model rocking long crochet white off-shoulder dress

Crotchet it up 

This crochet style trend has come to stay for a long time. Thanks to its elastic and comfy feel, the fashion staple is one trend that cuts across different female consumers of all sizes and shapes. 
Also, it’s an ideal fashion option for spring-summer. Sellers can jump on any crochet trend styles listed in this article to become profitable this season.

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