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Manufacturing: Machinery in Europe 2022

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The consistent replacement of traditional equipment with modern, automated, and efficient machinery is expected to drive the growth of this industry.

What’s included?

Forecasts through the year 2025

Management summary and key facts & figures

Industry financial numbers and trade flows

Business demographics

Innovation & research activities

The EU Industry Report

Executive summary

  • European GDP level is expected to return to its 2019 level after 2020
  • 3% of the European population has been affected by the COVID-19 hazard and exposure
  • Compared to the average of the continent, Germany has a higher share in renewables
  • In 2021 the United Kingdom had the highest growth rate in the Machinery Manufacturing industry
  • Average personnel costs in the EU27 is around 44,100€
  • R&D spending increased on average by 0.80 % p.a. from 2012 to 2019

Table of Contents
Financial numbers
Trade and investment
Employees and salaries
Research and innovation

1. Introduction

Industry Definition
Russia-Ukraine War: Overview
Russia-Ukraine War: Global Impacts
Russia-Ukraine War: Trade Impacts
Russia-Ukraine War: Country-specific Impacts
COVID-19: Projected Impact on European GDP Level
COVID-19: Impact on Employment
COVID-19 Risk Levels: INFORM Index
Stringent and widespread containment and public health measures are imposed in Europe
Generous fiscal policy measures have been introduced in many parts of Europe and the world
Energy Share

2. Financial numbers

Revenue growth, revenue and real GDP in 2021
Revenue: Comparison Europe
Revenue: Industry Comparison
Volume index of production
Gross operating rate in %

3. Trade and investment

International Trade: Imports and Exports
Investment by Top Countries

4. Companies

Selected Top Companies

5. Employees and salaries

Number of employees in thousands in 2021
Working hours lost in 2021 in %
Average weekly hours worked per employee
Average personnel costs in thousand € in 2019
Average personnel costs in thousand € and growth in 2019
Impact of automation and overview of waves
Potential rates of job automation across waves
Employees in Eastern European countries are potentially facing a higher risk of job automation

6. Research and innovation

Business expenditure on R&D in million €
Number of R&D personnel in the business enterprise sector

7. Appendix

Data, classifications, and methods used in this report
About the forecasting methods

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