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How Trade Assurance Protects Your Purchases on Alibaba.com

Comprehensive guide on trade assurance on alibaba.com

When you are placing an order online, how can you trust your transaction is secure, your purchase is delivered on time and in the agreed-upon condition?

Introducing our built-in protection service–Trade Assurance. Whether you are buying ready-to-ship products or after more customizable options, Alibaba.com offers purchase protection from payment to delivery when you complete your transaction through our platform.

What is Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance covers all orders made on Alibaba.com, protecting your purchase across payment, shipping, to after-sales services. Below is a breakdown to answer common misconceptions of what Trade Assurance is, and is not.

What it is ✅What it is not ❌
A free service that is automatically applied to your Alibaba.com ordersA paid add-on service that needs to be activated
30-day eligibility* for partial or full refunds if your purchase breaches order terms, and there is proof of what was agreed upon (i.e. communication and payment was made through the platform and not privately)Guaranteed full refunds for all purchases
Alibaba.com will consider evidence from both the buyer and supplier before making a determination on disputesAlibaba.com will automatically side with the buyer on disputes

*60-day eligibility for Platinum and Pro Buyers.

How can I benefit from Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance offers protection across your sourcing journey. Here are the key benefits of the service available to all buyers.

1. Encrypted and secure payments

All transactions made through Alibaba.com are SSL encrypted and follow PCI DSS compliance, ensuring your financial information is kept secure from start to finish.

2. Guaranteed dispatch and delivery times

Eligible products are protected by On-time Dispatch and Delivery Gurarantees. If late dispatch or delivery occurs, you will be eligible to receive platform credit for up to US $100.

3. 30-day refunds policy

The Alibaba.com refund policy protects you in case your purchase does not meet the agreed order terms. You can claim for refunds within 30 days from the delivery date (60 days for Platinum and Pro Buyers).

If there’s a problem with your refund application, Alibaba.com will help mediate to get your money back.

Select buyers can also enjoy additional services and benefits with Trade Assurance including Payment Terms: 30/60 Days, Easy Return, inspection and monitoring services, and on-site services.

How do I use Trade Assurance on Alibaba.com?

Identifying Trade Assurance protections and services

To see what Trade Assurance protections and services are offered with a product, simply look for the icon in the purchase details section.

Trade assurance on the product detail page

Paying on Alibaba.com

When you pay on Alibaba.com, your transaction is automatically protected by our encryption and security me

The payment screenshot on Alibaba.com

Applying for refund and returns

Millions of products on Alibaba.com are protected by our money-back policy. If you need to refund or return an order, apply via My orders > Order details. Fill in the information required and follow instructions to return products if applicable. Receive a full refund once the application has been processed.

How to apply for refund on Alibaba.com

Trade Assurance gives you a peace of mind and greater trust when purchasing online so you can source with confidence on Alibaba.com.

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