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6 Most Dazzling Tips for Social Event Dress

Women at party wearing V neck dresses

As women start receiving more invitations to social events this year, they will be looking for trendy dresses that can help them stand out among the crowd. This is a guide to social event dress tips businesses should know to prepare for the upcoming party season.

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Drivers in the women’s dress market
Social event dress tips for businesses
Keeping up with trends in women’s clothing

Drivers in the women’s dress market

The women’s clothing market is projected to reach revenues of USD 888.60 billion in 2022 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.43% from 2022 to 2026. The dresses and skirts segment owns an 11.3% share of the market with a value of USD 100.20 billion and a CAGR of 3.41%.

Customers in the market are made up of millennials that are heavily influenced by marketing campaigns and celebrity appearances in magazines, social media, red carpet events, music videos, and movies. A rise in social gatherings is also driving a need for dresses that are suitable for specific events, such as holiday parties, class reunions, or corporate outings. The semi-formal attire segment is expected to hold a major share in the market as it is versatile enough to be worn for both casual and formal events.

Social event dress tips for businesses

Black-tie dress 

Woman wearing green sequin mini dress for Christmas

Black-tie is a dress code worn in formal settings, such as during charity fundraisers or galas. Reception dresses for wedding guests also frequently follow this type of formal attire. 

Black-tie dresses are generally floor-length gowns with glamorous details like a high slit, bare shoulders, deep neckline, or asymmetrical cut. Modern formal wear also leans towards simple shapes that are not heavily embellished and give women a long and lean silhouette.

Velvet, silk, or satin are popular for black-tie event wear because they are luxurious fabrics commonly associated with elegance and prestige. Customers will be drawn to either the classic little black dress or gowns in deep and rich jewel tones, such as emerald, teal, burgundy, or marigold.

Sparkly party dress

Woman wearing green sequin mini dress for Christmas
Woman in long red sequin party dress

For an eye-catching return to New Year’s Eve parties and birthday bashes, customers will look to make a statement with sparkly party dresses

Sparkle is commonly achieved through sequins, rhinestones, or lurex. Sequins and rhinestones can be glued or sewn onto a dress in many appealing designs to create a shimmering illusion, while lurex is a type of fabric with metallic fibers woven into it that gives dresses a subtle sheen.

A sparkly party dress can be designed in a variety of styles, from floor-length to short mini. Sparkles can be used over the entire dress or paired with mesh for a sultry look. Glitzy customers will seek out colors like gold, silver, or bronze, while those who are more delicate will be interested in beige or pink. Green, blue, or black will also be trendy colors this year.

Semi-formal skater dress

Woman in pink and white floral off shoulder skater dress

Skater dresses are dresses that cut above the knee and are fitted along the torso with a flared skirt at the waist. While skater dresses can be worn casually as cute, everyday outfits, semi-formal versions of the skater dress will appeal to customers who want versatile styles for special occasions. 

Semi-formal designs include attractive off-shoulder necklines or V neck cuts. Long bishop sleeves or flared sleeves will also be pretty details to dress up the silhouette.

Customers will look for lightweight fabrics in soft or bright colors with floral patterns for summer garden parties and baby showers. For corporate dinner parties, chic satin skater dresses in earthy tones like brown or blue with unique prints will be a good option.

Fun feather dress

Woman wearing light pink feather dress

Women are looking forward to having fun this year with feather dresses. A feather dress is generally made from synthetic feathers that are designed to look like ostrich or peacock feathers. In addition to being more humane, synthetic feathers are also commonly used because they can be safely cleaned in a washing machine. 

Feathers can cover the entire dress for a bold look or be used sparingly as trim along the hem of the skirt or sleeves. A trendy style will be to combine a smooth textile bodice with a fluffy feather skirt. Pastel shades will be a popular color choice, particularly for prom dresses.

Halter neck dress

Woman wearing white halter neck cold shoulder dress
Woman in beige criss cross halter neck dress

The halter neck is a nostalgic trend making a return in fashion. A halter neck dress is designed with a neckline held up by a strap around the neck. 

This type of dress will normally come with exposed shoulders and a backless style. Halter necks can complement elegant dresses in long or midi lengths or be paired with flirty chest cut outs for a choker look. The choker neck can also be attached to long sleeves that help emphasize the unique cutting. 

For the most daring of customers, a tight-fitting criss-cross halter neck dress that exposes the torso will be sure to catch the attention of all partygoers.

Sexy cocktail dress

Woman in green velvet mini dress with spaghetti straps

Cocktail attire is suitable at semi-formal events that are usually held in the late afternoon. Women will be interested in showing up for these cocktail parties in a sexy cocktail dress that offers a boost of confidence. 

Mini dresses will be a big trend for sexy cocktail dresses this season. A bodycon short dress with ruching or a tie-up design along the hips is ideal for women who like to emphasize their figure. For more modest customers, long sleeves or a one shoulder will balance out the short length. Popular necklines include V necks, square necks, or strapless.

Keeping up with trends in women’s clothing

Women are keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends so they can dress to impress at upcoming social events. The trends this year range from formal dresses suitable for black-tie dress codes to semi-formal dresses that can be worn for various special events. Depending on the type of event, customers have a wide selection of dresses to choose from, including skater dresses, sparkly party dresses, feather dresses, halter neck dresses, and cocktail dresses.

As women begin filling up their social calendar, party dresses that are designed for different occasions will make planning for social outings much easier.  Looking ahead, the next trend in women’s clothing will be fashion that is specific to certain venues, such as outfits for going to the airport or gym. Influencers and celebrities on social media are constantly driving new trends to the forefront, and businesses must continuously introduce new styles and designs if they want to remain relevant in the women’s clothing market.

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