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Professional sourcing guides, the latest trends, and success stories in the construction, real estate, furniture, lighting & lights industry.
Wooden platform bed with built-in nightstand

6 New Designer Bed Trends To Impress

Bed designs are constantly changing based on the latest styles and features. Learn how to attract customers with these trendy new design beds.

A wooden hanging patio swing at a log cabin

4 Patio Swings For All Occasions

Patio swings are a great addition to outdoor spaces, whether at home or for businesses. Here’s a look at some trends for patio swings today.

Many lying sideways on a w

5 New Trends for Smart Mattresses

With households becoming increasingly connected, smart mattresses have become a growing trend. Read on for more insights into this new market.

How To Choose the Best LED Strips

Many factors go into choosing the right LED strip, from waterproof to those with Wi-Fi connections. Here are some points to consider.

Modern white kitchen with black mosaic tiled backsplash

5 Beautiful New Designs and Trends of Mosaics

There are many beautiful new designs in the world of mosaics. From indoor to outdoor areas, mosaics can be a key feature of any space.

Blue and white striped beach chairs on a pebble beach

5 Best Beach Chairs To Have In 2022

Beach chairs are a must-have for events like summer camp or beach vacations. Here are the top beach chairs for 2022.

6 Uses of UNQ Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are chosen for virtually unbreakable, lighter than glass, natural light penetration, and reduction of costs.

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