Key insights and market updates for logistics and trade.

Common Carrier

A common carrier is a transportation service provider that serves the public for a fee and is liable for any loss or damage of goods during transit.


A consolidator is an entity that combines shipments from different shippers or locations into full container loads for economical & efficient freight.

Cross Docking

Cross-docking is a logistics technique that transfers goods from inbound transport to outbound transport with minimal storage or handling.

Export License

An export license is a government permit allowing the exportation of specified controlled goods, with the due diligence required from the exporters.

Customs Broker

Customs Brokers are licensed experts who speed up customs clearance, ensure compliance and handle documents for international trade.


Tare weight is the recognized weight of an empty container, essential for accurately determining cargo weight in logistics & ensuring correct billing.


Palletizations refer to the ways to arrange and secure goods on flat structures for easy, safe handling, storage, and transport, to protect the cargo.

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