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Home appliances

Household Appliances in Europe 2022

The report provides an overview of Europe’s household appliance overall market size and the import and export value of home appliances.

Woman applying neon makeup

Cosmetics Market in Italy 2022

Italy has one of the largest cosmetics markets worldwide. This report presents data about the cosmetics and personal care market in Italy.

How Internet of Things is transforming the smart lighting

Internet of Things (IoT) 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of internet-enabled objects and devices that collect and exchange data.

Electric car in digital futuristic style. Eco green energy for vehicles with light effect

Electric Vehicles Worldwide 2022

Spurred by falling lithium-ion battery pack costs, electric vehicle sales have increased a lot. Learn about electric vehicles worldwide.

Laundry room with a washing machine

Washing Machines 2022

The home laundry market is a major part of the multi-billion U.S. dollar industry. This report presents statistics on washing machines.

home appliances

Home Appliances in the U.S. 2022

This report includes an data on the industry’s segments, and chapters on the consumption and leading companies in the household appliances market in the U.S.